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Water Quality

In this working group, Bremen and Durban experts exchange on issues of water quality and the various possibilities of water quality monitoring. In addition, the direct benefit for the colleagues both in Bremen and Durban is the opportunity to gain international experience and to profit from know-how from another local setting.

The aim is to develop appropriate ways to sustainably improve water quality monitoring in Durban. The main activity is currently to build up a monitoring station in the catchment area of the uMhlangane River. Durban needs accompaniment and support in the introduction of procedures as well as in the development of training manuals for continuous water quality and quantity monitoring. The city further needs assistance for the start-up, calibration and testing as well as the implementation of data storage, statistics and reporting and the structuring of an Emergency Management Plan. Moreover, other suitable locations should be identified for testing stations as well as other necessary interventions to improve water quality. In addition to that, Durban hopes to receive support in the development of job descriptions for possible new posts and the review of the organizational chart of the Department of Water Resources Management.

Bremen experts have experience in planning and the implementation of biological, chemical and physical water quality measurements (water, sediment, biota), the operation and maintenance of continuously measuring water quality monitoring stations, the enforcement of water-related directives by the EU (Water Framework Directive, Bathing Water Directive, IED/IPPC, Urban Waste Water Directive etc.), water restoration, monitoring of direct dischargers, the development of recovery plans, technical processing water regulatory approval, issues of urban drainage, creating emergency plans for water pollution, the establishment of an environmental management/process planning as well as the protection of groundwater and this knowledge can contribute to the exchange with the colleagues from Durban.