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Climate Partnership

How come that Durban, South Africa, is building up a so-called kinder wilderness according to a model developed in Bremen? What is an algae turf scrubber and how can it help to improve water quality? How are the water purification plants in Bremen becoming more carbon-neutral and what can Durban learn from that? What can Bremen learn from Durban's climate change adaptation strategy? Bremen and Durban municipal experts exchange information on these and other questions and raise joint implementation pilot projects.

The cities Bremen and Durban are connected through town twinning for more than one decade now and in September 2011 this friendship was turned into an official city partnership of Bremen.

Since 2010, the two cities have been working together on a municipal development partnership for climate and resource protection and exchanging information on administrative level. This for example concerns the structure of the kinder wilderness project in Bremen and how this idea could be transferred to Durban as well as other related activities in the field of environmental education. In turn, Durban which is considered a pioneer in adaptation to climate change, can pass on its experience to Bremen. By means of this so-called "Climate Partnership", Bremen takes over responsibility for sustainable development together with its partner in the South. The improvement of living conditions of the local population forms the center of the partnership. At the same time, Bremen wants to make a contribution to the implementation of Goal 13 Climate Action: Support urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts as well as Goal 17 Partnerships for these Goals: Strengthen global partnership for sustainable development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If you want to learn more about the municipal climate partnership, stay on this website!

A multiplicity of participants and institutions are involved on both sides in further civil-society projects. The web page of the partnership association Partnership Bremen-Durban e.V. provides you with an impression of the different activities in the areas of youth empowerment, development through sports, arts, culture as well as church engagement.